It's Not Your Fault, But It's Your Problem!

After my amazing vacation, I came home to a stack of mail. One item shared the most relatable phrase I’ve ever read:

It’s Not Your Fault, But It’s Your Problem!

These 8 words sum up the life of a Planner! Take a moment to check out my new post where I share some fond memories from past events!

I Scare Myself

I Scare Myself

Once a week, I scare myself.

I’m not talking about the times when I look in the mirror in the morning and think, “Oh my God, who is this old woman?”. I’m talking about scaring myself by taking risks in business.

That’s right, in 2019 I decided I would do something scary every single week. I’m approaching the 3 year mark for my business, so I felt it was time to shake things up a bit!

Take a moment to read about the things that scare me, how I manage my concerns, and how I’m facing my fears once a week!

Guests Shouldn’t Guess

Guests Shouldn’t Guess

There are so many details to consider when planning a wedding! Those details should be communicated with guests!

Although many couples put up a wedding website with the basics (hotel room block, venue location, overall timeline),  there are some additional details you can share with your guests to help them have the best experience at your wedding!