Decisions, decisions...

This post goes out to all the newly engaged couples! 

First of all, Congratulations! You're getting married! There's so much to think about, right? 

Where should you get married? Will the wedding be casual or formal? What's the theme? What are the colors? What's the budget? How many people should you invite?

You can always hire me to help with those questions. 
However, there's one thing I can't decide for you. At some point, you'll have to make decisions about your wedding party. But more importantly, you'll have to figure out who will be the Best Man (BM) and who will be the Maid of Honor (MOH)!

Although I'm using the terms Best Man and Maid of Honor, there are other options. You might have a "Best Woman," "Man of Honor," or a different version of the traditional roles. But for the sake of this blog post, I'll continue with BM and MOH. 


For some of you, choosing a BM and MOH will be easy. Maybe you made this decision with a childhood friend or sibling years ago. Or perhaps it's obvious because you have no choice! Someone could easily designate themselves MOH or BM like I did when my sister got engaged (I'm sure she would've asked me eventually).

Others may have a more difficult time appointing a BM and MOH. There could be a situation where close friends are openly competing for the position. Or, you have multiple siblings and you're not sure who to choose! Yikes! 

Regardless of your situation, couples should put thought into their choices. It's essential to determine what the expectations will be for each role before selecting someone. 

For example, if your BM and MOH are only responsible for showing up on time and walking down the aisle, you can essentially choose anyone for that! However, if you expect your BM and MOH to organize and host wedding-related events, run errands during the week of, and be the point of contact for the wedding party, you should be a little more selective. 

Expectations aren't the only thing to keep in mind. You should also consider choosing people that know you best! Consider the person that will help you stay calm during stressful times. Or the one that is a great listener. Or most importantly, consider the person that understands and respects your personality when organizing your wedding-related events. 

Imagine wishing for a quiet bachelor/bachelorette party at a nice lounge in the city. Instead, your BM/MOH creates a Facebook event inviting 1,000 of your closest acquaintances to join you for a bonfire. The event details include a request for everyone to bring pictures of your exes to toss into the flames.

Not okay. 

Of course, other factors will influence your decision. Your family and friends will definitely have input! Nevertheless, it's important that you consider everything when appointing your Best Man or Maid of Honor. 

Now I can't just talk about a potential problem without a solution.  That's not my style!

So what happens when you make a choice, but you're unsure if the person can handle all the responsibilities? 

Send them to BM and MOH Bootcamp with J. Renee Services! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 2.jpg

Please do not be alarmed! There is no physical training involved (I'm allergic to sweating)!

This Bootcamp will prepare your BM and MOH for the big day. They will learn their general responsibilities, have an opportunity to brainstorm ideas with a professional, and they can use my services to plan special events and surprises for the couple.  

At this time, I'm including this service free of charge for couples that sign a contract for my services before December 31st. For more information, schedule an appointment today!

Jessica Cain

J. Renee Services LLC, 6564 Loisdale Court, Springfield, VA, 22150