My Favorite Things

I’ll start out by saying, I’m not Oprah.

You will not receive free gifts as a result of reading this post.

I'm sorry. I'm not on that level yet.

However, as a planner, there are a few things I can't live without!

Check out this list of my favorite things! You might find something you love too!


Apple Music

All the music.

Apple Music saves my life every day! When it's time to focus, I throw on a playlist that matches my mood and I get work done! I also found my subscription to be helpful for events. While working with a couple on their ceremony/reception music, we can play the songs while we plan!

Leather Ring Binder

Lavender Leather.

This was one of the first things I purchased as a gift to myself when I started my business. My lavender leather binder is so cute! It's personalized with "J. Renee" on the front and it came with a notepad made of cocoa tree bark and recycled paper!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.54.01 PM.png

Love your feet.

I usually wear heels right before the ceremony through the beginning of the reception. That's a long time. My feet hurt.

These inserts are fabulous! They definitely make my 4 and 5 inch heels more bearable.

Dagne Dover Legend Tote

Tote-ally Awesome.

There's nothing like a good tote! This bag is amazing! It's stylish, sturdy, and I can put EVERYTHING in it!


Need a table?

This table has paid for itself over and over again. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out this table and saved the day! It's so important, I keep it in my trunk so that I always have it with me.

Obsidian Black Flats

Friendly flats.

Although I'm a firm believer in wearing heels, my lower back is a firm believer in Tieks! Flexible, durable, stylish flats are a must while running around making everything happen!

Balloon Pump.jpg

Save Your Breath.

I used to blow up balloons the old fashion way. One day, right before passing out, I thought, there has to be other options. Amazon (of course) came to the rescue. This portable balloon pump is the best! I can blow up several dozen balloons in no time at all!


All the dresses.

Each wedding I attend requires a different look for me and my staff. Rent the Runway makes it easy for me to find the perfect designer dress without the designer price. I love RTR!

Moo Notebook

Take notes.

I loooove Moo! After purchasing my business cards through them, I decided to try their notebooks! Ahh-mazing! I love the lay-flat design and the cloth covering. It's a great notebook and it's definitely worth the cost.


Always fabulous.

Want to know the secret to a happy life? The answer is Spanx. All of them. I've linked my favorite pair below but I love all my Spanx. You can eat all the snacks and still look fabulous.

Jessica Cain

J. Renee Services LLC, 6564 Loisdale Court, Springfield, VA, 22150