Lessons in the Loo

Today's blog is short and sweet, but meaningful. 
It's funny how you can learn life lessons in the most random places. 

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Recently, I learned something important right inside the doorway of a restroom. Yes, a public restroom.

Here's the story.

In the hallway at work, I was stopped by a colleague from another department. We chatted for a moment, then walked in the same direction towards the bathroom. 

She opened the door, stepped inside, then paused. I waited behind her. Fifteen seconds went by and she turned around to leave, frustrated with the wait. She said, "All the stalls are full" as she walked past me out the door. 

For a second, I almost turned around too. Instead, I walked inside and found not 1 but 2 available (and clean) stalls in the back. 

This may seem like a weird and unnecessary story. However, when I exited the restroom, (after thoroughly washing my hands), I smiled. I realized that simple interaction would be a future blog post.

Three phrases came to mind as I replayed the event in my mind:

Be Patient
Think for Yourself
Don't Assume

Patience is key in life and in business. Personally, I can't think of a time where my impatience was helpful. I usually just increase my blood pressure! I have to remind myself daily that everything I want in life will come at the right moment. 

Thinking for yourself is important as well. There's nothing wrong with keeping an open mind and listening to thoughts from others. However, those "thoughts" should only be suggestions that you take into consideration as you think through your options. Make your own decisions!

And of course, we all know what everyone says about assumptions! Doing your own research and asking questions is imperative! Things aren't always what they seem to be! In the absence of information, never assume!

Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom! You can find life lessons in everyday interactions. I encourage everyone that reads this to look for the lesson in everything! If you have an example you'd like to share, leave a comment below!