Time, Part Deux

Remember my blog post "Time"?

In that post, I listed 3 things that can be distractions for me: social media, TV, and spending unnecessary money

When I originally wrote that piece, my business had started and I was finally allowing myself to ease back into "the fun stuff". Over time, I've gotten back to my regular self while keeping my business a priority. However, I always have to keep an eye on those pesky distractions.

There are usually three indicators that my distractions have "made an appearance":

  • Each week I make a list of the top 3 things I must complete. If I don't have to rewrite them for the next week, that's a problem.
  • If I am fully aware of the most recent celebrity scandal and I'm taking time to research the situation, that's a problem.
  • When I check my bank account and see "Amazon.com" listed as transaction more than 3 times in one week, that's a problem

Once I'm aware that my favorite distractions have "stopped by for a visit", I go through my "self-check questions" to assess my productivity.


What did I accomplish for my business this week?
Did I get enough sleep?
Are my clients happy?
Did I do at least one thing related to my business each day?
How did I spend my free time? Was it productive? 
Did I spend unnecessary money?
Did I go to the gym regularly?

When I recently asked myself these questions, I evaluated the areas where I excelled and the areas where I fell short. On this particular day, I found that I fell short with my productivity, exercise, sleep, and spending.

It's funny how everything was connected!


1. I didn't use my free time well last week. Instead of using the time to do productive things, I watched a lot of TV!

2. Then, I chose watching shows over going to the gym.

3. When I skipped the gym, it impacted my sleep patterns. 

4. When I would wake up at 3 am for no reason, Instagram and Amazon.com were there to comfort me.

Needless to say, it was time for a readjustment!

Luckily, this behavior was contained to a few days in one week while my self-awareness was on a mini-vacation. However, I know that if I want to reach the very big goals I have for myself, I must do better! I simply cannot waste time doing things that aren't beneficial to my health and my business. 

Now don't get me wrong, everyone needs downtime and fun. But in my case, I have to be strategic about how my time is spent, including my free time. This is not easy for me. Daily I have to focus on giving the side-eye to my distractions.  I have to constantly remind myself that: 

  • My weekly priorities are more important than trying to determine who's going to win The Voice.
  • Yes, Amazon has everything, but that doesn't mean I need to buy it all. 
  • No matter how long I scroll on Instagram, I can't help Khloé with her situation.

My time is better spent executing my plan to take over the Event Planning World! 


Jessica Cain

J. Renee Services LLC, 6564 Loisdale Court, Springfield, VA, 22150